Klubber hvor du kan finde mig.

Gyttegård Golfklub

Gyttegård Golfklub. En perle i det midt jyske, hvor jeg vil være at finde i sæsonen 2019.

Se meget mere på http://www.gyttegaardgolfklub.dk/

Svendborg Golfklub

Svendborg golfklub er banen på Sydfyn, hvor jeg også bor. Her vil jeg være som Pro i sæsonen 2019

Se meget mere på: http://svendborggolfklub.dk/

Udtalelser fra nogle af mine kunder

Det siger nogle af mine spillere om mig.

Jette Lundberg

Event Manager, Private Banking at Nordea

“Fredrik er en træner i særklasse. Uanset om det f.eks. er ens grip, stance, holdning eller det mentale han korrigerer lidt ved – så kan man være sikker på at Fredriks træning gør at man rykker sig rigtigt meget! Fredrik kan anbefales både til individuel- og holdtræning, alle vil få noget positivt ud af det.

Jens Ib Søborg

Video Manager at Systematic

“I have had several training sessions with Fredrik, and that have really help me build a solid golfswing – a swing I can trust. Fredrik always see the opportunities in the capability you have and explain the drills and reason for them, in a understandable and down-to-earth manner. If you want to move forward with your golf – arrange a training session with Fredrik.

Kaj Erik Ravn

Owner, Bramsen Aps

“Fredrik udviser en meget høj entusiasme for alle “elever”. Høj som lav og kendetegnes således en meget høj integritet og en superfin personlighed. Og jeg har aldrig mødt en golftræner, der i den grad diagnosticer ude fra helheder og med en meget pragmatisk og let forståelig kommunikation af sine observationer.

David Drachmann-Sunne

Executive management consultant

I proudly recommend Fredrik, with his outstanding skills, not only as the extraordinary efficient and competent Pro, He is. But also for his special way of combining experience, competence, personality, patience and the determination to achieve the outmost with every single player.
Preparation in every detail, observations, the talent to listen and hear what was unsaid, The ability to motivate you to reach the next level. No doubt you will approve your game, – but maybe more important, after a while you discover that you have been “touched”, touched by the obvious simplicity of making logical decisions – and your mindset have changed………..Not only on the golf course but also outside the course…… and for that you don’t pay extra.

Derek Grendowicz

Golf Course Superintendent

“I was lucky enough to work with Fredrik, at Lübker Golf Resort during my time, he was a benefit to the golf resort in attracting new players as well as many of his former clients to return for teaching or just beginning the game. He has a professional approach to his teaching but in a simple way that everyone can understand & apply to their game. Everyone i spoke to who was taught my him only had positive things to say & always commented that he was able to improve their golf swing & their overall play. I would not hesitate recommending Fredrik to any organization who are in search of as teaching golf professional.

Peter W. Malbek

Marketing Manager at DS Smith Packaging Denmark

“Fredrik makes all his golf clients to better golfers. This fantastic result is obtained by a combination of Fredriks skills: sublime technical insight and a extremely motivating approach.
Fredrik is 100 % engaged in his job and his customers.
Fredrik is great !

Ole B. Christensen

Owner at C & C Co.

“As a new member of the Lübker Golf Club, I was so lucky to get introduced to the golf play and later trained by Fredrik frequently.
Fredrik is a very open minded person with multiple ways of how to get people feel and move on with their own success.
If you(r) looking for a high class golf trainer, inspirator, team player, then you got to the right profile, and I will personally followup  the next step, and even maybe continue to get training or courses from Fredrik.

Anders Agerholm

IT Project Manager at Tata Consultancy Services

“Fredrik makes all his golf clients to better golfers. This fantastic result is obtained by a combination of Fredriks skills: sublime technical insight and a extremely motivating approach.
Fredrik is 100 % engaged in his job and his customers.
Fredrik is great !

Jens Virring Sørensen

Visionær leder søger opgaver i teknologi virksomheder.

“Fredrik is an excellent golf coach, with a great ability to target his teaching uniquely to the level of each individual. He has deep knowledge in both technical and mental training, and a great personality as well. I highly recommend Fredrik.

Evy Tykgaard

QHSE Manager at APRO Wind AS

“In Lübker we hired Fredrik for his inter personnel skills as well as his wide working experience within PRO/training of golf players from all levels from beginner to elite and furthermore his partnership with domestic and international golf associations. This he has fulfilled;
Fredrik has worked dedicated and emphatic with all members, customers and suppliers. Fredrik posses a unique skill to analyse the person in front of him and find the way to develop each individual to the best of his level.
Fredrik is business minded, result oriented and humble. I found great pleasure in working together with him.